djheer Top #Bhangra Songs 'September 2017'

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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of September 2017!

Aari Aari - Joga Singh & Surinder Rattan

Surinder Rattan has been quietly going about his business over the last few years, releasing consistently with original sounding music. 'Aari Aari' is another showcase of his talent, with the soft vocals of Joga Singh, original lyrics and a fresh beat. Its not going to be played at weddings..but who cares? Great song for UK Bhangra!

Yaaria - DJ Dips, Badal Talwan & Roach Killa

DJ Dips & Roach Killa teamed up with Garry Sandhu in 2011 for 'Din Raat', and 'Yaaria' follows a similar formula. The powerful yet soothing vocals of Badal provide the perfect backdrop for this reggae infused song. In my opinion one of the most original songs of 2017... we have to encourage this kind of orignality!

Bottle - Gurj Sidhu

Gurj Sidhu has seemingly taken up the task of carrying the UK on his shoulders in 2017. Releasing his debut album followed by a number of singles, 'Bottle' moves away from Gurjs' familiar folk style. A welcome change, Gurj shows his versatility and willingness to experiment. A great duet from Gurj which is definetely his best piece of work to date!

Sunanda Sharma - Jaani Tere Naa

Sunanda Sharma is best known for her monster single 'Patake Paun Nu', and having released a couple follow up songs, 'Jaani Tere Na' looks to be her next big breakthrough. Produced by Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz, the song enjoys a catchy dance beat, which you might find reminiscent of a Major Lazer song. Regardless of that, the song is put together and works very very well!

Kamal Khaira - Bahli Sohni

So far this year Kamal Khaira has had a great year with his tracks ‘Family’ and now ‘Bahli Sohni’ which has done even better! Preet Hundal has penned the lyrics extremely well as he is portraying how will a women as beautiful as you love a man like me. And with the combination of the delicate music composition it has created a lovely romantic feeling.

Mehandi - Veet Baljit

‘Mehandi’ is taken from the Punjabi film Nikka Zaildar 2 starring Sonam Bajwa, Ammy Virk and Wamiqa Gabbi. The lyrics is what will make you love this song which are penned by the singer himself Veet Baljit. However once watching the film it adds more feeling in the song as it fits very well with the storyline and creates an emotional atmosphere.

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