Top UK Producer Aman Hayer

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This month we will be looking at some of the top UK bhangra music directors in the industry.  Lets start the month with the man behind the tracks Nachdi De, Puch Bhabiye, Ik Kudi and many more Aman Hayer.

In the past, aritsts released albums and singles which were played for many many years. Even though these tracks were released some time back they still receive the same response today as to when the track was first released and are also loved by new generations.

Aman has proven this because in 2005 he released the album Groundshaker and after all these years the tracks 'Tharti Hildi,' 'Seetian,' and 'Dil Nai Lagda' are some of the tracks which are still played today.

After a huge success of the album, he decided to release 'Groundshaker 2' in 2008 and provide us with dancefloor anthems such as 'Sher Punjabi,' and 'Je Naal Nachunga' and the romantic track 'Ik Vari Haa.'

He has a long list of well known international artists he has collaborated with such as Miss Pooja for 'Dil Mera Geya Lutiya', Badal Talwan for 'Chaska,' Kulwinder Billa for 'Gutt Naar Di' and K S Makhan for 'Lumbi Race.' This connection he has with international artists and producing UK music has proven to be a success for Aman.

Not only is he a music producer however is also a DJ and has his own DJ Roadshow called 'The Entourage Roadshow' which includes live performances from international artists such as Angrej Ali, Benny Dhaliwal and Dev Dhillion.

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