RivaSoul releases "Outlaw" ft. Young Noble & Tigerstyle

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RivaSoul drops brand new single featuring Outlawz member Young Noble titled 'Outlaw' - watch the video here!

It’s been nearly a year since we last heard from RivaSoul. The break appears to have done him good, as the rapper sounds re-energised and back to his best on this latest collaboration which features former Outlawz member Young Noble.

After several Asian-beat poppier sounding singles, this new release sees RivaSoul going back to his Hip Hop roots with a grittier more urgent sound while maintaining Asian vibes within the music provided by pioneering producers Tigerstyle.

RivaSoul has made no secret of Tupac’s influence on his music and clearly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Young Noble, one of the last official Outlawz members to be picked by Tupac himself.

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