Part 4 - Guru Randhawa - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!

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Last but not least we end off July's Top Male Punjabi Artists of the Month with hit maker Guru Randhawa. 25 year old Guru Randhawa is one of the industry's brightest young stars and has rightfully earned the respect from artists along with his fans worldwide.

Guru made his debut into the Punjabi music industry back in 2013 when he collaborated with Punjabi singer Arjun on the track 'Same Girl'. People fell in love with the vocals of his and with a great singer like Arjun alongside him on the track it stood out all around the world. Randhawa then followed that track up with his 1st single 'Chhad Gayi' where he wrote the lyrics for it and which featured music from Musical Doctorz.

Ever since those 2 tracks where he first got recognized as being talented he has never looked back. He followed those up with 'Tu Meri Rani' and 'Outfit' which are still big tracks in the industry today. Guru also collaborated with Punjabi rapper Bohemia on the love track 'Patola', the music from the track was composed by Preet Hundal and the lyrics were written by both Guru and Sabi

No track of his has been bigger then 'Suit' which was produced by Canadian producer Intense, the song is one of the biggest Bhangra tracks in the world no matter where you are. The song was so huge it also made an appearance in the form of a remix titled 'Suit Suit' in the Bollywood film 'Hindi Medium' which featured popular Bollywood actors Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar.

Guru Randhawa's most recent release 'High Rated Gabru' which was produced by formed RDB member Manj Musik has once again taken the world by storm. This track is as hot as they come in the industry and you can hear it being played no matter where you go!

You can watch the music video for Guru Randhawa's 'Suit' below!


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0 #2 Part 4 - Guru Randhawa - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!Frieda 2017-09-10 04:43
Has a good following but dont think he is that good TBH.
0 #1 Part 4 - Guru Randhawa - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!Bansal 2017-08-01 01:02
He is okay, loads more better out there. Dont like his ego

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