Part 3 - Sharry Mann - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!

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So far this month we have looked at some of the top male artists in the Bhangra industry, Ammy Virk and Ranjit Bawa. Now lets have a look at one of today's biggest icons in the Bhangra industry,
Sharry Mann. In 2011, Sharry's release of 'Yaar Anmulle' was phenomenal! The track went viral as it was played at all parties and weddings worldwide! As the lyrics could be related to everyday life and people reminiscing their past, the song was also played at general gatherings.    The overwhelming response grew Sharry's confidence as a singer and he constantly started to release back to back smash hit songs such as '3 Peg,' 'Munda Bhal Di,' 'Carrom Board,' 'Dil Da Dimaag' and the recent release of his single 'Hostel.'  


Each individual song of Sharry's is unique in itself, whether it is the storyline, video or music, that you cannot guess what surprise he has in store for us next. This suspense is what grabs the attention of his fans as they eagerly wait for the release of his next song! However we must not forget credit should also go to the team involved with the song behind the scenes. 


The consistent success of his tracks opened many doors for Sharry. He received the opportunity to perform live worldwide such as in Canada and UK. His power pack performances instantly changes the atmosphere and doesn't only get you off your seat however also makes it an event to remember! I am writing this through personal experience. Hit after hit songs undoubtedly meant at some point in his career he should be rewarded for his hard work. This year at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards Sharry received two awards, 'Best Bhangra Song of the Year' and the 'Most Popular Song of the Year' for his song '3 Peg.' 


He also received the opportunity to step into the Punjabi film industry and start his acting career with the release of his debut film 'Oye Hoye Pyaar Ho Gaya' in 2013. Hopefully in the future we see him grow in his acting career and cast in many more films.

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