djheer Top #Bhangra Songs 'April 2017'

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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month.  Here are some of our top songs of April 2017!


Chadra - DSP

DSP has released his debut single entitled 'Chadra.' He is an extremely talented singer with a powerful voice. Although he is now located in Canada he has managed to give a folk Punjabi vibe to his debut track. It is not the vibe you often get to hear in the current music climate however when listening to it it may bring back memories of songs you used to listen to in the past.


Saade Aale - Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann is one of few artists who successfully releases hit after hit mega dancefloor anthems such as '3 Peg' and 'Munda Bhal Di.' 'Yaar Anmulle' is a viral track played at all events. His live performances are one not to be missed! Through personal experience watching him perform live turned the whole venue around and everyone is on their feet! The atmosphere is one to see!!!

'Saade Aale' has proved to be a hit track once again. The video is quite different to his other tracks previously mentioned as it is set in the fields of India.

Saade aala, saade aale aakheya karengi
Akh lad lehn de
Tu mere aala, mere aala aakheya karengi
Akh lad lehn de


Bhangra Paunde - PBN ft Manpreet Toor

PBN has collaborated with the beautiful young dancer Manpreet Toor for the track 'Bhangra Paunde.' Manpreet is known for her Bhangra, Bollywood and Giddah dancing.

As you will be able to see from her videos her passion for dancing is at another level. The grace she puts in her moves and the way shes comes up with the ideas is a talent. She has performed at many events and has also opened her own dance workshop.

PBN has worked with top bhangra artists such as Miss Pooja, Bambi Bains and Raj Bains and released successful dancefloor anthems worldwide.

Exclusive Interview with Manpreet Toor


Mere Yaar Beli - Inderjit Nikku

Inderjit Nikku is a Punajbi artist whose bhangra tracks will always be played worldwide and arguably 'Mere Yaar Beli' is one of his best songs of his career. He has released a range of songs to keep connected to his audience of different generations. He is also connected to his roots and has released religious songs. 


Record Bolde - Ammy Virk

Ammy Virk does not disappoint his fans when it comes to his music! 'Record Bolde' is another one to add to the list. His previous films whether that is 'Ardaas' or 'Nikka Zaildar' have been super hit movies! He is now set to release his next Punjabi movie next month and has recently released the trailer to his next film 'Saab Bahadur.'


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