Listen to A2TooFire - Episode 6 (April Fools)

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A2 is a team of brothers of Indian decent, two brothers that love and enjoy Electronic Dance Music who are Gagan and Ishwar, listen to their latest mix here!


Bombshell - Karan Sehmbi -

Tait Goriye - A Kay (A2 Edit)

Jatt Di Queen - Gupz Shera

Faaltu - Zora ft. Bups Sagu

Shaadi dot com - Ranjit Bawa

The Name - Navi Jay & Xtatic

Yaar Beli - Guri ft. Deep Jandu

Nakhre - Jassi Gill

Sarkar Jatt Di - Laddi Sandhu

Backyard - Gurj Sidhu

For promotional use only - 2017

When they heard electronic music for the first time, the energy of the music is what inspired them to start producing Dance Music. What started out as having fun and Dee Jaying at house parties, later turned out to be a passion to DJ around the world.

Stay posted about A2, check back often for more information and new tracks.

SoundCloud: @officiala2

Instagram: @officiala2




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0 #2 Listen to A2TooFire - Episode 6 (April Fools)Mistry 2017-07-11 10:42
Loved it guys thanks look forward to next one
0 #1 Listen to A2TooFire - Episode 6 (April Fools)Desiree 2017-04-28 18:37
Loved the mix always different from these guys xx

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