King Kazi releases Kala Cobra feat. Bups Saggu

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There is thinking out of the box…then there’s King kazi - watch his latest video 'Kala Cobra' here!

The title of this song is not one that is thinkable but is the true ingenious intellect of two very talented artists that have collaborated to create something fresh, fun and catchy, one cannot ignore it!

One end of the spectrum you have King Kazi, who is an American singer/songwriter and composer. From a very young age Kazi knew he possessed the passion to become a singer and aspired to chase his passion for music. As a teenager, he travelled to England on vacation and immediately fell in love with the city of London, where he stayed on to study music and refine his craft.

King Kazi is a versatile artist who believes in thinking outside the box by composing original songs and creating sounds that have never been heard before in the Asian music genre. Professionally trained in London, and influenced by both Bollywood and Western pop music, King Kazi style of writing, composing and voice leave you completely spellbound!

Kazi’s dream of becoming a world-renowned artist is now being brought to reality by non other than the “star manager” Mr Anup Kumar. Anup Kumar is known to have the Midas touch and has transformed individuals into singing sensations including artist such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, Money Aujla, Mafia Mundeer and much recently the duo Sufi Sparrows, Ustad Manak Ali and Sweet Gal. Kumar adds, “I hope this collaboration between my two artists turns out to be a successful one and full of surprises for their audiences”.

One the other side you have the signature sounds of UK based heart throb producer Bups Saggu, who has been gifting the masses and exciting crowds throughout the globe for many years. He is best known for his evergreen hits such as Punjabi Hurrr, Drama Queen, Miss Kaur, Bodyguard, Battle Giddha, Murga and who has collaborated with many world class A-list artists including Miss Pooja, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Jassi Sidhu, Iggy Azalea, Master Saleem to name a few.

Bups Saggu and King Kazi have collaborated to deliver a serious pop and reggaeton vibe that will surely make you want to pump it loud and get partying hard!

Kala Cobra is a song about a pet snake, which is jealous of its owner’s lover and always want to be a hurdle between them. Yes you read that correctly…a jealous pet snake! Like I said…out of the box!

The Music video has been filmed by the talented team at N5 Pictures and directed by Ant Horasanli who has captured the comical essence of the song and storyline. It will surely be a joy to watch over and over again.

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