Exclusive Interview with Satnam Singh on “One In A Billion”

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Satnam Singh has become a popular name among basketball fans and South Asians across the globe. The 7-foot-2-inch basketball player hailing from the village of Ballo Ke in Punjab is the first Indian born player to be drafted into the NBA.

Netflix has now acquired exclusive rights to stream a documentary about Singh titled “One In A Billion” which follows the 20-year-old from his home in Punjab to a historic night in New York City where he attempts to make history in the 2015 NBA draft. Not only does this film give insight into Satnam’s physically and emotionally straining (but rewarding) journey, but it carries the audience through the crucial first steps the NBA has taken in order to make basketball more popular in India, where cricket is the most popular sport. This journey is not only Satnam’s, but India’s as well. This story will take you through an emotional roller coaster and is a prime example of strength, resilience, determination and hope.

Satnam Singh said to Simply Bhangra in an exclusive chat- “I want all of the kids, parents, families and my supporters to know where I came from, how I came to be where I am, and that this journey hasn’t been easy.

I want everyone to understand how much hard work has gone into taking me from where I was to where I am at this point in time. The journey has just begun and I’ll continue to work hard. Some people may think they can’t work hard and make something of themselves. I want those people to know it’s difficult but it can be done, no matter where you’re from.

This documentary shows what’s been done, what’s being done and what should be done to help us succeed in the future. It’s very important to show people from all around the world that anything is possible with hard work and determination.”

Also featured in this documentary are NBA commissioner Adam Silver, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, and the NBA senior director of international basketball operations- Troy Justice as well as Satnam's mentors, peers and family.

The documentary is available on Netflix starting December 6th 2016. Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, we highly suggest you check out this historic documentary. As for Satnam Singh, we’re looking forward to seeing him continue to make history and make his country and community extremely proud. -

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