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Shortcut Safaari Trailer ft. Jimmy Sheirgill

Releasing 8th April is Xebec Films presentation 'SHORTCUT SAFAARI', A film by Amitabha Singh staring Jimmy Sheirgill, Aashi Rawal, Stuti Dwivedi, Deah Tandon, Sharvil Patel, Hardil Kanbar, Mann Patel & Ugam Khetani.

SHORTCUT SAFAARI attempts to reconnect us with our roots through the eyes of seven children and showcase the natural world in contrast with the humdrum and chaos of daily city life. The film has already made its presence felt over various National and International children's film festivals.

The two minute trailer captures the essence of the film showcasing a group of urban children embarking on an extraordinary journey as they find themselves stranded in a jungle. In pursuit of finding a way out of the jungle, the children get to interact with nature and understand its value in life.

SHORTCUT SAFAARI marks Amitabha Singh’s directorial debut. Amitabha has been a leading Director of Photography (DoP) with titles like CHILLAR PARTY, KHOSLA KA GHOSLA and India’s Oscar entrant in 2014, THE GOOD ROAD to his credit.

Talking about the trailer launch of SHORTCUT SAFAARI, Amitabha said, “The journey of making this film has been as exciting as the journey of the kids within the film. I have done a lot of screenings for children in the past few months and they have given me a lot of confidence that I’m on the right path. The children’s film festivals have also proved to be great platform to showcase the film. We are now gearing up for its theatrical release.”

Dr. Shravan Kumar, CFSI CEO, who was also present along with the cast and crew of the film, giving his best wishes and assuring good support in future, said, “I know Amitabha and Jimmy personally before and with SHORTCUT SAFAARI, I am glad to know them better. Movies like SHORTCUT SAFAARI is the need of the hour as we all are dragging ourselves way from nature, I wish the team all the best and CFSI is ready to initiate and back such meaningful projects by makers like Amitabha in future.”

Actor Jimmy Sheirgill, said, “This role is very different from whatever I have done in the past. As soon as I heard the script, I immediately agreed to come on board. Our cinema is totally devoid of content for children. Shortcut Safaari is not just a film for children but a learning experience for them as well. The film will help children to reconnect with the environment which is the need of the hour.”

Alongside the trailer, the film’s mascot, a ‘clouded leopard’ called Jimmy was also launched. Jimmy- The animated leopard came to life as the costume clad mascot was seen interacting with the children and star cast.

Adding to the fun quotient of the evening, the title track of the film, ‘Bako Sufu’ was played which got the kids excited. The song has been created by music director, Rohit Sharma of SHIP OF THESEUS Fame. The pivotal title track of the film, establishes the mood of the film and kick starts the story through an animation piece. Rohit has not just composed track but has created a new language for its lyrics and lent his voice to bring it alive on screen. Rohit also took to the stage and hummed a few lines from his enchanting creation.