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Catching up With Pavneet Birgi

Pavneet Singh Birgi grew up in Kanpur and has a masters degree in Music from The UK. This experimenter has given many global hits to a lot of good music to his credit including Diljit Dosanjh hit song Dil Nu Tere Naal.

Remember Diljit’s song Chocolate? Yep the one that we kept humming all the time! It was Pavneet Birgi’s music that gave Chocolate the much needed sweetness and wallah..we all know that till date we relish it’s flavour!

By now you must have got an idea about how talented Pavneet Birgi is and guess what?? I have a few of his secrets in my gossip bag which I am sure no one knows about!

Here are the things that you should know about the ace music director Pavneet Singh Birgi:

His pet name is Chintu!

Really?? Yeah I gave the same reaction and asked him “Why” and he giggled while replying, “I was a chubby little fellow!” It was a little embarrassing during the teens when my mom used to answer my phone calls and shout out saying, “Chintu tera phone hai and I would go red that my friend must have heard her and would tease me at school. I had to really work hard for this one..Lols.”

Pavneet has done his schooling from Kanpur and after 12th he moved to the UK where he graduated with a masters degree in music and then returned to Punjab.

In 2006, he started his first music studio and worked hard to get into the Punjabi scenario as,according to him,the music market in UK and India are completely different from each other. He is a singer too and has released many songs out of which Badshah was a super hit number.

This humble music director made me feel super proud of him when he said, “For me and my team, quality comes first and everything else just follows. I do charge a fee because I have a team who puts in a lot of effort but collectively we share the same thought when it comes to quality projects. We don’t pick up just anything and everything because ultimately even our market reputation goes for a toss if we produce trashy songs.”

When I asked him about the way things have changed over the years in Punjabi music industry, he replied “The attitude of people has changed a lot. In the earlier times a song was not just about the beats it had to be a complete package of good lyrics, nice music and off course the singer’s vocals had to be well rehearsed.”

“Pehlan bol naal dhol vikda si but ajj kal sirf dhol vikda hai.”

He was pretty clear on the fact that things can’t be moulded according to oneself and one needs to go with the market flow but what he is sure of is that his music will always be a mix of beats that touch the listener’s heart and the vocals will be of a singer who can actually sing.

He has a very professional team backed strongly by his brother Mandy Max who is also his expert sound engineer cum dholi. I did have a chit chat with Mandy too which I’ll share with you guys in the next blog.

This duo has worked with many big names not only in the Punjabi industry but even Bollywood. They have recently released Ranjit Bawa’s song Rang and are coming up with many new tracks by various artists which are presently amongst the biggest names in the industry.

While talking about the Bollywood industry Mr. Birgi said, “Bombay means work, here in Punjab people think everything is a joke! Any artist who gets even a single track released has his nakhras on cloud nine but one thing is for sure; when these guys go to Mumbai and return after doing a project, that’s when they become grounded, understand the decorum of a studio and get professionally more disciplined.”

He continued by saying that the Mumbai industry believes in qualitative work however here people just want quantity which is why the level of songs has become miserable. If you’ve ever noticed this fact that Bollywood rarely hires Punjab based music directors not because they are not good but because Bollywood music directors love to experiment with the Punjabi vocals but also make sure that they add their own western feel to the music to make it a global song than just a typical Punjabi number.

“I have always appreciated Diljit’s voice and do want to work with him again. It is beyond doubt that he deserves every bit of the success and fame he owns at this point of time. He makes me super proud as I’ve, very closely, seen him grow from a boy next door to a global star.”

“Gurdas Mann is the legend who always inspires me through his vocals and if given a chance I’d definitely want to make music for him.”

Well, here let me tell you that phenotypically, Pavneet looks really macho! He has a very well structured physique and is also a fitness freak. When I asked him whether he’s been approached for Punjabi films then he nodded and said “I turn them down every time”. He explained, “I am not open to working as a hero but I would love to work for a film that offers me a dignified character, even if it is for the second lead.”

He confessed that since that day he has become very serious about music.

Finally I asked Pavneet about a piece of advice which he would like to give to the upcoming Punjabi singers, he said, “Sing from your heart and rehearse well. A soulful song with good lyrics and melodious music can never go wrong. The listeners are very choosy so a singer should be very strict about his vocals; only then will he or she be warmly welcomed into people’s playlist.”

Pavneet Birgi’s upcoming songs are with artists like Deep Money, Lakhwinder Wadali, Mangi Mahal, Happy Raikoti, Jassi Gill and many more. He is also making music for the upcoming Punjabi flick Once Upon A Time In Amritsar.

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