The PropheC ft. Fateh - Chall Mere Naal

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Listen to the Promo to the new single by The PropheC featuring Fateh titled 'Chall Mere Naal', the track is to be released in November!

Earlier this year PropheC released his album “Futureproof” which topped iTunes charts in over 6 countries.

The PropheC is an urban desi artist who has performed internationally - from India and the United Kingdom to Norway, Germany and USA. From his hometown Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, The PropheC writes, performs and produces all his music.

He has collaborated with popular desi artists like Raxstar, Mickey Singh and now Fateh!


+2 #1 RE: The PropheC ft. Fateh - Chall Mere Naal (Promo) - Out November 2014talwar 2014-10-31 13:20
prophec is too good!!!!!!

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