SHAR.S. & Ravi RBS release TITANIUM

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After Bringing you hits like "Akhiyaan" & "Puchi NA", SHAR.S. & Ravi RBS bring You TITANIUM! Their Aim is 'Creativity' .. First independent artist group who brought to you the visual trailer for the album, which has never been done before, check out the promo!

They say artists were created to show us the world, our windows so to speak. This explains the art that Shar S and Ravi Rbs create together. During his early childhood, Shar S enjoyed creating art with his hands, through painting. Which was all but expected seeing that he comes from a lineage of artists, his father and himself a photographer, and his grandfather a writer. Shar S’s painting won him numerous awards and prizes and was his passion as a young adult. But as fate would have it, all of his painting equipment was stolen while at school.

He then began to dance, and once again excelled; shortly after- he began performing with his team at shows. This led him to being in charge of the music production, which was selling out in stores everywhere. Seeing the demand for his musical talent, Shar S began incorporating his own poetry and raps to the beats. He caught the attention of a talented Producer, DJ Vik who began culturing him to the music field and teaching him the ropes. But fate stepped in again and DJ Vik moved to a different city leaving Shar S to continue his music without his guidance and expertise. Shar S continued to grow and record tracks on his own, in a time where Punjabi rap was non-existent, he continued to perfect his art.

Ravi got started DJ-ing since the age of 19 when him and a group of friends decided they wanted to start something with music. Over the years this developed into more, and they became well known through out California, which is when Ravi and Vik became close friends. But Ravi has always dreamt big. He kept wanting more, so he continued to grow and learn so he began taking keyboard lessons from CJ who later became his mentor. CJ helped teach him the fundamentals and rudimentary of producing amazing music and to this day is still is role model. Since he started learning more about it, Ravi spent day in and day out in the studio learning and sharpening his skills. Obsessed with the beats he didn’t stop till he had perfected his art. The group he had originally did music with all eventually moved on to other things, but Ravi never gave up on his dream. Ravi was always inspired by new music and sounds and was eager to start working with one as equally hard working as him.

Then, one day DJ Vik introduced the dynamic duo to each other. Ravi RBS and Shar S finally met and were immediately impressed with each other’s talents. Upon hearing each other’s work and accomplishments they both showed a lot of interest with one another and knew they had the potential to achieve a lot together.

With their first track “Akhiyaan” landing on Top R&B tracks in North America within its first week it was clear to see these two make an invincible team. Since then, these two masterminds have been collaborating and working on albums hoping to give their fans more hit tracks. As of today, with his photography background, Shar S has a lot of insight with filming since he grew up watching his dad recording. Ravi helps contribute a dynamic mindset for filming, and both these views synced is what creates the cinematic music videos.

Not only are they a small musical group but they also handle everything from music and video production. We haven’t yet seen a set of individuals as self-dependent as these two, who as an artists writes his own lyrics, masters the vocals and raps while maintaining to hold a set of impeccable skills in the photography world, and a producer who’s beats are unforgettable and who’s attention to detail and vision for directing is what helps everything run smoothly.

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