Indy Sagu feat Tarun Sagar & MD - Mein Tenu Pyar Kara

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Lioncore Records is proud to present the brand new single from Indy Sagu, featuring the remarkable vocal talents of Tarun Sagar, the student of the legendary Master Saleem. The 5 track extended single also features Indy’s new artist MD - Microphone Dokta, as well as an original mix, garage remix and 2 instrumentals.

‘ To create something original will always take time, I believe the song and ep represents a fresh sound, something that stands out and isn’t your mundane standard sounding Bhangra, urban style track. I believe in being different and creating new sounds, this is the beginning of an amazing journey for me musically, and I hope all the fans too. There is so much more music and music videos on the way. ’

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