Grade Music re-release Jinder Jade's 2005 album 'Desire'

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Grade Music are proud to announce, a re-release of Jinder Jade's 2005 album titled, Desire. The album is now available across all digital download outlets and also features bonus tracks taken from Jinder Jades's 2006 EP Existence.

Jinder says "For a long time now I have wanted my previous recordings to be available on a digital platform. The album Desire was very special for me, because it was my debut album, I do recall it was very exciting time back then to work with producers who were upcoming artists at that time. Now they are all established household names, so we all worked exceptionally hard on this album. Once again, I am thankful to Hi Grade Music who have taken the extra step for me and for my fans to enjoy this album in a digital format"

Desire features music production by Jeeti, PBN, The Kaliyan & See It All Productions. Also features vocal collaborations with the talented Seetal Kaur & Anjuman Naaz. The Lyricists who wrote for this album are AS Kang, Tari Banwalipuria, (Late) Avtar S Arpan, Chan Ghariawala, Jinder Jade & Sukhi Bart.

Track Listing.

01. Nachna Main Nachna
02. Heer Ranjha
03. Aaja Gidhe Wich
04. Bilo Ni
05. Mitheran Nu
06. Munde Tere Ni Haan De
07. Khushian
08. Akh Largee
09. Mitheran Da Truck
10. Desire Boliyan


+1 #1 [censored]re uni timeAsma786 2014-06-25 18:55
I had the original when I was in Uni. I can't believe its been 9 years loved the songs on this album.

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