Inda Bains presents songwriter Sanj Meghowalia's 'Kiddan'

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The number one songwriter Sanj aka Sanj Meghowalia who has given us smash hits like Fitteh Moo, Patandra, Saa Charju, Go Crazy and many more, is now ready to launch his singing career with 'Kiddan' produced by Inda Bains.

Sanj has been working closely with Inda Bains honing his music skills and knowledge before his debut in to the UK and International music scene. Coming from a traditional Punjabi family, Sanj naturally developed a strong connection with an interest in his Punjabi heritage and culture.

Sanj was born and raised in the UK with an exposure to all types of Asian and mainstream music, however his traditional roots and early fondness of Punjabi folk music has remained ingrained in him and he has shaped his own musical style. With years of vocal training, Sanj's performances with polished Punjabi pronunciation and vocals always leave crowds memorised.

Through his command of the Punjabi language, knowledge of the music, unique voice and training he is able to deliver songs with authenticity.

Sanj's debut song 'Kiddan' is set to be a through and through dance number. With all the ingredients for a successful track it's only a week until Sanj is ready to unleash another hit.

Sanj is looking forward to his singing career after writing a string of number one hit songs "I am blessed that people across the world have loved all the lyrics to my songs and now I am ready to launch my singing career I hope they give the same love. Kiddan is a song for all music lovers across the globe! Another dancefloor number" ~ Sanj Meghowalia

From humble beginnings Sanj has gone on to perform backing vocals for esteemed artists such as Malkit Singh, Lember Hussainpuri and Hans Raj Hans.

With an interest in poetry and writing he found himself penning songs that soon attracted the attention of other singers. He has been writing songs since he was in school for a number of artists such as Harshdeep Kaur, Miss Pooja, PBN, Surinder Shinda, Amar Arshi and Dippa Satrang.

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