Yo Yo Honey Singh picks up MTV VMAI Award for 'Brown Rang'

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Controversial rapper/producer Yo Yo Honey Singh is celebrating today after picking up a MTV VMAI (Video and Music Awards India) for his video 'Brown Rang'.

The very first MTV VMAI awards took place in Mumbai this week and saw artists from Bollywood and Mainstream pop battle it out for the following awards;

  • Best Bollywood Album
  • Best Bollywood Video
  • Best Bollywood Song – Male
  • Best Bollywood Song – Female
  • Best Bollywood Lyrics
  • Best Indi Video
  • Best Indi Artist – Male
  • Best Indi Artist – Female
  • Best Indi Band
  • Best Indi Lyrics

Yo Yo Honey Singh picked up an award for Best Indi Male Artist for the video 'Brown Rang' from his critically acclaimed album 'International Villager'. Yo Yo Honey Singh faced controversy in India over the past recent months regarding his lyrical content in previous songs. More recently he has been working on the sound track to the movie 'Jatt Airways' featuring Mafia Mundeer member Alfaaz!

'Brown Rang Official Video for Worldwide Viewers'


Brown Rang Official Video for 'India Viewers Only'


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