Daler Mehndi Launched 'Jawani Express' By Jasbeer Singh

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Daler Mehndi launched ‘Jawani Express’, a full-length Hindi music album by Jasbeer Singh through his home label DRecords at hotel Lalit, Barakhamba Road. The launch of Jasbeer gains in significance as it not just marks the fulfillment of Indi-Pop King Daler Mehndi’s public commitment of launching Jasbeer and new talent.

Commenting on the launch Daler Mehndi said: “I was lucky enough to come from a family and legacy of music and thanks to God and my fans, my music journey has been one of fulfillment and fun. I had decided very early on itself that I would use my position to help newer talent especially those from across the country who are not so privileged get a good platform to not just get noticed and launch their music but to also in the process help enrich the industry with these young prodigies”.

“I had met Jasbeer many years ago on the sidelines of a concert at Gulbarga where he had approached me and taken me up on my public commitment to launching new talent. At the time I had given him a host of tips and had told him to perfect his art. ‘Jawani Express’ and Jasbeer have both not just pleasantly surprised me but have also well surpassed my expectations. Jasbeer is not just a very talented artist, author and composer, but ‘Jawani Express’ is also a fabulous album,” added Daler Ji.

On the occasion Daler Mehendi announced that He is searching for “Sufi sultan”, for which he will audition sufi singers but also added that only those singer will be able to participate or audition who will plant a tree because greenery is what we are losing day by day. If greenery is prevailed again on the earth the sweetness in voice of the singer will be much more inspired and is what I am searching for one to become “Sufi Sultan”

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