Video: Mandeep Dhaliwal - Ghat Paise (Out Now)

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Canadian vocalist and music producer, Mandeep Dhaliwal team up with California's finest lyricist, Gurinder Surapuri to bring you a pure desi dance track in the shape of Ghat Paise - check out the Full Video here!

This is Mandeep's first release this year and the follow-up to his Pind Murhjan collaboration with Jeeta Gill. Ghat Paise is a song about a wife's desire to vacation overseas where the husband, a farmer wittingly tries to persuade and change her mind.


0 #2 RE: Video: Mandeep Dhaliwal - Ghat Paise (Out Now)chinajatt 2014-02-25 08:42
is it me or is the music a bit fast basically hes saying its cheaper to go simla for holiday tight arse lol
Harpal Pala
0 #1 Ghat PaiseHarpal Pala 2014-02-25 01:11
Very ghaint song and nice clean lyrics.

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