Harbhajan Singh releases 'Meri Maa'

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Cricketing superstar Harbhajan Singh recently moved into making music. He has released his second single 'Meri Maa' which is accompanied by a video!

Earlier in 2013, Harbhajan Singh made his singing debut with his single 'Ek Suneha' - The single was released on Goyal music and received favourable reviews.

Harbhajan Singh more commonly known as 'Bhaji' returns with 'Meri Maa' - Check out the video below.



Weeman - Edition 201
+1 #3 Weeman - Edition 201 2013-07-19 14:29
Great song.

For a second i couldn't understand why Harbhajan suddenly become so "sureela" (i.e. singing in pitch), and then i realized it was Lakhwinder Lucky singing. I'm quite disappointed that they didn't highlight Lakhwinder Lucky enough.

The song itself is great, but please give credit to the right people as well.
0 #2 karenx 2013-07-19 13:23
Shame that there isn't much stuff like this released thank you for sharing xx
0 #1 chinajattt 2013-07-18 13:39
wow very nice song

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