Bups Saggu remixes 'Bounce' by Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea released her track “Bounce” with a video that captures visions of Indian culture – from the streets of India and its cityscapes to women’s fashions and the wedding atmosphere. It seems only fitting to have Bups Saggu create a Desi Tronic Mix that compliments the video while taking inspiration from the original track.

Saggu and VIP Records were approached by one of the leading presenters of the BBC Radio 1; Nihal with the opportunity to create the official desi mix for the track. “I jumped at the opportunity,” explains Saggu when asked about the new release, “I loved the track and felt it would be fun to give it a bit of a desi-tronic feel.”

Saggu isn’t new to the electro music scene having started off as a trance and dance DJ. His sound ranges from traditional Bhangra-centric to pushing the limits with experimental mixes that transcend genres. 

“Bounce” is a mainstream hit, making it into the UK Singles top 40. Saggu’s Desi-Tronic Mix is also receiving great reviews and it has been playlisted on the BBC Asian Network.  

Saggu is proud of the mix he has produced, and we can hear why. With the perfect balance of desi and techno sounds along with a surprising Punjabi vocal hook by himself.

The “Bounce Desi Tronic Mix” pays homage to the desi-inspired video and original track’s sound. Saggu introduces this mix as his interpretation of desi meets electro-pop.


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boring and it aint getting you into any main stream lol

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