Pinky Moge Wali set to air on Brit Asia TV soon

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Pinky Moge Wali coming soon to BritAsia TV!

After the success of the Punjabi movies ‘Yaar Anmulle’ and ‘Pata Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rangan Ch Raazi’ presented on BritAsia TV over the festive period, the channel is extremely excited to be bringing you the highly-anticipated – ‘Pinky Moge Wali’.

The romantic comedy follows Pinky (Neeru Bajwa), a tearaway from a rich family who hatches a bizarre plan to win the affection of her father following the death of her mother.

Deciding that absence will make his heart grow fonder, she purposefully falls into the hands of a kidnapping gang and soon falls for one of her captors Raj (Gavie Chahal), threatening to derail her cunning plan.

The feature also stars music artists Geeta Zaildar and K.S Makhan.

The movie will be broadcast on SKY channel 833 very soon! - So keep your eyes peeled for the time and date!

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