ISR Presents "Ferrari Jaisi Car" Hits Number 1

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"Ferrari Jaisi Car" is a song that has something for everyone. The song is by an upcoming playback singer Arnie B, who made noise with ISR by doing "Master Blaster" a tribute song to great Sachin Tendulkar, which led to Shane Warne asking them to do a similar track for him.


Both "King Of Spin" and "Master Blaster" made some major headlines in media, which including CNN, Yahoo, Fox, The Australian,Sky News and many more. Now ISR and Arnie B are back, and with a bang. "Ferrari Jaisi Car" has topped multiple charts.

This song is very different and something very new. How? The story is told through Multiple languages, multiple genres, and multiple emotions all in one song. From start to end, your heart is going to be on an emotional rollercoaster. ISR has given a new meaning to "New Era", with his new style, artists, ideas he is quickly setting himself apart from the rest. The ISR Empire is growing with every new release.

"Ferrari Jaisi Car" is just the perfect example of his work, and the charts are the proof that the youth is supporting this "New Era" of music. It takes a special talent like Arnie B to make something so different a reality. When many artists are against trying something so different and new, Arnie B is always ready to take the risk. The risk is worth the reward.

When asked what he has to say about "Ferrari Jaisi Car", ISR summed it up with one sentence " we are trying to tell and show a story in a 3 minute video, that will touch your heart" he said! Great mind like ISR, and talent like Arnie B are the reason music will keep giving something new to the world.