The Brit Asia Music Awards 2012 - Our Predictions

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With the Brit Asia Music Awards 2012 nearing upon us, we at have decided to preview a few of the categories to see who we think will take the awards home!


Best Newcomer

The best newcomer category is always a hotly debated award! This year the nominees are; D-Sarb, Jay Status, Banger, Shide Boss & Kanika Kapoor.

Kanika Kapoor made a huge impact this year with her debut single ‘Jugni Ji’, alongside Mr ‘Patandra’; Banger. Both artists having singles that did incredibly well.

However we feel the best newcomer award it to be competed between either D-Sarb or Jay Status. D-Sarb has burst onto the scene over the past 18 months with his raw voice, capturing the imagination of fans.

Jay Status was introduced by DJ Sanj & has made the biggest impact with his singles; Katal Kare, Chugliyan & Mukhada.

Prediction: Jay Status

Best International Act

Another tough category filled to the brim with prestigious artists including; Satinder Sartaaj, Honey Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Amrinder Gill & Manmohan Waris.

The three names that stand out for this award for us were Honey Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Amrinder Gill. All these artists have released great new material this year.

However in terms of a global impact and crossing over Punjabi music into Bollywood, Honey Singh has had an impressive year.

Prediction: Honey Singh

Best Music Video

Music videos have become an essential part of a song, a good video is as important as the music itself. The videos nominated for this award are; Been, Jawani 2, Hukam, Jalebi, Gabru Rangeeleh.

For us the two stand out videos in this section were Hukam (Jazzy B) & Gabru Rangeeleh (Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder) – Both videos were thought out well and stuck to a well rehearsed storyboard.

For us, Gabru Rangeeleh with its medieval castle and brave warriors has to be the only contender to win.

Prediction: Gabru Rangeeleh (Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder)

Best Male Act

The Best Male Act category is one of the most prestigious awards in any event ceremony! This year features a number of breakthrough artists including; Saini Surinder, Jay Status & Gurbhej Brar. Completeing the nominees is Jazzy B & Garry Sandhu.

This is one of the toughest awards to decide, but a year on from releasing his album ‘Maharajas’ – Jazzy B stands peer less as the Best Male.

Garry Sandhu is still finishing off his album, understandably, given his problems in leaving the UK. A notable mention to Gurbhej Brar who released his debut album ‘Punjabi Touch’

Prediction: Jazzy B

Best Single

Bhangra music has always been about the big ANTHEMS! The last 12 months have delievered some memorable singles for Bhangra fans across the world to blast. The nominees are; Gabru, Ik Gal, Has Has, Katal Kare & Jugni Ji.

For us, both Gabru & Katal Kare became two songs which dominated both the charts & radio play. Has Has by Surinder Rattan offers the most unique sound from all the singles.

Jugni Ji was an outstanding debut by Kanika Kapoor, but we don’t think it will match ‘Gabru’ by Honey Singh

Prediction: Gabru (Honey Singh & J Star)

Best Album

Although we don’t get Bhangra albums as much as we used to, we have been provided with some excellent albums over the past 12 months.

When Jazzy B releases an album, the Bhangra world takes notice and ‘Maharajas’ was no different in September 2011. The year also saw a great debut release by Gurbhej Brar, with music by Kaos Productions.

However for us, the best album will be between International Villager (Honey Singh) & Judaa (Amrinder Gill).

Dr Zeus produced arguably his best work since ‘Unda Da Influence’ for Amrinder Gill..

Prediction: Judaa – Amrinder Gill

Best ‘Asian Music’ Producer

Being the voted the best ‘Asian Music’ producer is one of the highest accolades a producer can receive.

This years nominees are; Dr Zeus, DJ Sanj, Surinder Rattan, Kaos Productions & Sukshinder Shinda.

Surinder Rattan pushed boundaries with the production on both ‘Has Has’ & ‘OMG’ – both delivering a unique sound. Kaos Productions also impressed on the Gurbhej Brar album.

For us, the best producer category will be a straight battle between Dr Zeus & DJ Sanj. Dr Zeus delivered the album of the year in ‘Judaa’ & DJ Sanj delivered one of the biggest singles in ‘Katal Kare’.

This category will be too tough to call so for the first time, we are being forced to split our prediction.

Prediction: Dr Zeus or DJ Sanj

The Brit Asia Music Awards 2012 are taking place 6th October and will also feature the following categories;

  • Best 'Non Asian' Music Producer
  • Best Female Act
  • Best Band
  • Best Urban Asian Act
  • Best Club DJ
  • Best Dressed Artist
  • Best Songwriter


What do you think about our predictions? Who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts below!



+1 #5 dippd 2012-10-03 10:36
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan should win, he has no competition :) Gupsy well thats a good video and should win without a doubt
pop star
+2 #4 pop star 2012-10-03 10:05
Best newcomer: Banger- he has defo smashed it with his duet!

Best International Act: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - really like his style of singing!

Best Music Video: with out a dout Rangeeleh.

Best Male Act: this one is kinna hard as i have seen Jazzy so many times now! Gary is a supa hit... but more for the ladies.. and jay mmm not my cup of tea... Saini he is a defo one that dose stand out, Gurbhej Brar again nothing wow about him!

im going for my gut and saying Saini Surinder! that Rangeelh track was next level!

Best Single: Has Has somthing different!

Best Album: dont really like the guy but this album did stand out for me: International Villager. by yo yo plonka

Best ‘Asian Music’ Producer:
Dr Zeus. i would normally hands down go for Shinda! but for me it has been very repetitive.
+2 #3 jitty 2012-10-02 23:52
Jay Status should not win best newcomer as he's not a newcomer!!!!! he has released loads of material in the past. My vote goes to D sarb just because of the vocal variety displayed so far, followed by Banger
0 #2 BhangraFREAK!! 2012-10-02 20:53
Agree with this post!!

Brick should have been best single tho!
0 #1 manzio 2012-10-02 17:15
Honey singh will surely take quite a few for sure.
Shinda should take achievement award but have seen King G pushing him to win it!

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