Sandeep Sony releases Dil Kamina Video

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Sandeep Sony radiant voice and innovative writing style gives him a unique identity releases his 8 track album 'Dil Kamina', watch the title video 'Dil Kamina' off the album here!

Born in village Bias in Punjab, people know him as Bias Pindia as well. His passion for music lead him to Chandigarh Sangeet Kala Kendra, where he learnt the basics of music. During that time he realised that he actually wants to establish his name in the field of music. In his early 20's, he came to Newzealand as an IT student and came in contact with music producer Prabh Near (prabhi).

Sandeep and Parbh Near (prabhi) started to work on Sandeep's debut album, Dil Kamina, in 2011 and the album is all set to release now under Goyal Music. Produced by Prabh Near (prabhi), the album has nine tracks, 8 of which are written by Sandeep Sony himself, and one by Harpreet Sandhu.

Prabh Near (Prabhi)

"One Man Army" describes this man perfectly. Stepping into the music field as composer, singer, lyricist, music producer, sound designer and list goes on. Prabh Near (prabhi) belongs to a musical family and has extensively learned and been trained in classical and folk music.

He can play numerous instruments, including harmonium, piano, tabla, dholak, and drums to name a few. Prabhi started his career as a music arranger before producing music on his own. In his short career he already has given hits such as Hathyar (Gurminder Maddoke), Nach Ke Harauna (Sony Dhugga), Facebook (Sandeep Sony), Chakk Chakk (Deep Jandu), and Pani Paa Ke etc. Currently he is working on a number of projects with various singers and music banners.


+1 #2 Weeman 2012-07-05 09:50
Actually, as a singer this guy is not that bad. But on the other hand, "one man army" is probably not the best move.

The music production is average, a lot of samples are used and the vocals are not entirely bad but autotune was not needed.



4,5/10 for the effort.

There is a good reason for people specializing in one or two things, such as singing and arrangements etc. One cannot be good a everything as lyrics, singing, production, mastering etc.
pop star
+2 #1 pop star 2012-07-05 09:27
trained in classical and folk music?
put a sock in it! :-x


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