Introducing Navnith Lal with 'Soniya'

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Navnith Lal currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently twenty years of age and has been learning the art of singing from the age of two.

Navnith Lal’s first Hindustani music teacher was his Father Navin Lal who taught him the basics of Singing and Language Styles. Whilst being vocally trained, subordinately, Navnith self taught himself how to play the Harmonium as an accompaniment to his Hindustani music and initially started taking piano lessons from the age of four through Yamaha Music Australia. Now Navnith is an accomplished harmonium player and pianist.

Then from the age of Eight, Navnith Lal has been learning Indian Classical Music from The Great, Deepika Shome, a blood relative of Gazal Samraat, Jagjit Singh. From the age of Ten, Navnith Lal has been vocally trained in Western Music in Music Performance (Contempory & Classical Singing).

Navnith Lal has had a glamorous past and has associated with Internationally recognized high profile artists, singing side by side with Bollywood Superstar Sonu Nigam, STAR GOLD Music Director Anuj Kappu. On March 19th 2012, Navnith Lal released his debut music video ‘Stronger’ alongside Persian Rap Superstar Moein Shirazi. Now, just recently Navnith has surprised his fans with the release of his debut Bollywood single ‘Soniya’ on the 21st June 2012.


Gurneet Rehsi
+1 #4 Gurneet Rehsi 2012-06-29 06:05
meean soong..your name kinda sounds like your Fiji Indian...LOL..a lgudz peace frm New Zealand :) Sickk tunes dw ;) lovin it !
0 #3 Weeman 2012-06-28 22:07
Not bad, not bad at all brother!

But sorry to disappoint you. The industry is only for [censored]s who can't sing and will still hit it big. It's an industry which acknowledge shit.

But i wish that you will make it and shine.
+2 #2 Navnith 2012-06-26 11:27
There comes a time in your life when you are often unnoticed and ignored. Stay strong; dont listen to what others think of you and one day, you will shine in the light and inspire others" - Navnith Lal
+1 #1 Navnith 2012-06-26 11:26
Navnith Lal - Soniya

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