Roach Killa's “Bang Bang” in a Major Film Production

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MOVIEBOX & ROACH KILLA are delighted to announce that the single “BANG BANG” by ROACH KILLA FT. BLITZ which was due to be released on the 10th May 2012 has been signed for a major film production.


Unfortunately MOVIEBOX have not been able to release the single as planned as the song must be first showcased through the film as per the producer’s requirement. This is great news for all parties concerned and ROACH KILLA is very excited about this project as this will now take the song to a wider audience which has been a major goal for ROACH KILLA from day 1.

More news about the film and the revised release date for the song “BANG BANG” will be circulated very soon. In the meantime ROACH KILLA is back in the studio preparing his next single which will be the follow up to the massive song “OH GIRL”.

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