G-Deep releases Vaada Video

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G Deep releases his brand new video 'Vaada' from his brand new album O'Billo.

The album features a total of ten tracks. There’s Desi Aage Ne which features UK based rapper The Truth. Other songs on the album are Taani Yaaran Di, Na Na Chedi Na, Hit Man, O Dekh Shakeena, Vadah Tera, Husna Diye Pariye, Giddhe Vich, and bonus track Bring it back (Sohniya Kuriya feat. Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone). G-Deep has worked very hard at this album and he hopes that all his fans will continue to support him as they have over the years.


-1 #3 WeeMan 2012-05-12 17:02

Trying to cover the truth by stateting others as "haters", "jelous" etc. only shows that you people are out of comment :-)

People like you call other "jelous" as if we were in the industry. So as a audience i don't have the right to complain about whack singers?

Supports like you pretends like you are the mother of bullshit artist as G. Deep. You know, the love when the mother supports you no matter how ugly, besura, idiot or criminal you are? You are that kind of "guy" who supports bullshit no matter what because you probably are related to G. Deep and don't want him to know the truth about his singing and let him man up.
0 #2 chinajatt 2012-05-12 14:44
here we go again another one who is jelous if u dont like his music dont commment not like g deep is asking you to hahaa
-1 #1 WeeMan 2012-05-12 12:46
Bullshit vocals, average music and cheap trick by the record label to have every [censored] artist name in the video description to get views.

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