Bhangra stars back Chelsea FC Asian Star campaign

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Bhangra musicians H Dhami and Jaz Dhami have both given their backing to the Chelsea FC Foundation’s Asian Star programme, which is now open for applications.

The award-winning artists have long worked to combat low Asian participation levels in football and have both been involved in the Foundation’s Asian Star programme since it first started four years ago.

‘Asian Star offers a huge opportunity to British-Asians hoping to break into football. It gives aspiring players the chance to receive professional coaching to develop as footballers,’ said Theke-Wali singer Jaz.

‘It’s also a great family day out and an enjoyable experience for all involved. This is the fourth year I have been involved in the Asian Star programme and each year it has grown, this year we’re hoping for the biggest and best event yet!

Asian Star is the first scheme of its kind ever undertaken by a professional football club and is designed to give a much-needed boost to Asian participation at all levels of the game.

H Dhami, who has seen success with singles such as Sadke Java is proud to be part of the Asian Star initiative, which takes place on Saturday 26 May this year.

‘I'm fully in support of the Asian Star campaign,’ said H. ‘I'm calling out to all Asians kids to come down and take part in May. It's a great campaign and I'm hoping parents will realise the full potential of it and support it too.

‘When I was a youngster opportunities like this were non-existent, which shows how much Chelsea are moving forward in encouraging young Asians to get into football.

‘Therefore I’m encouraging the Asian stars of the future to come forward and make us proud - we are there to support you all the way.’

This year’s prize has changed from previous Asian Star programmes. Winners of this year’s initiative will secure a year-long placement within our Elite Training Centres rather than a one-off trial with the club.

‘This year’s prize means the winners will be able to hone their footballing skills over 12-months with professional guidance on a weekly basis,’ added Jaz.

Applications are now open for Asian Star. For your chance to win a year-long place within one of our Elite Training Centres, simply click Asian Star.

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