Channi & Mona perform at 10 Downing Street

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Bhangra legend Channi Singh of Alaap and his star daughter Mona Singh were invited to attend the Prime Minister’s Vaisakhi reception at 10 Downing Street on Monday 16 April 2012.

The event, which was attended by key figures from the Sikh Community from various fields, was in celebration of the Sikh New Year. Following his speech, the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, invited Channi and Mona to perform for the guests. Channi and Mona got the crowd singing and dancing and the Prime Minister also joined in!

“Not only were we honoured to be part of the Vaisakhi celebrations at 10 Downing Street, but we were extremely privileged to be asked to perform. This was the first time any Bhangra artist has performed for the Prime Minister at Downing Street and it was a proud and special moment for both of us. It was great seeing the Prime Minister sing along and enjoy the music”, said Channi and Mona.

This Vaisakhi, Channi and Mona have released a religious album – ‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’, a copy of which was also presented to the Prime Minister.

‘Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole’ (Shabad Gurbani album) by Channi Singh and Mona Singh is out now at music stores and available to download on iTunes