Funky Dholis - Kithe Chaliye (Video)

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Just in time for the Valentines Day, Manchester boys ‘Funky Dholis’ deliver a beautiful and soulful ballad in the form of ‘Kithe Chaliye’. Just one listen and you’re hooked to the fabulous melody and heartfelt lyrics.

The song is the first offering from the sensational, recently released debut album simply named ‘Funky Dholis’. The song was written and sung by Panjabi music master Dalip Singh Deep. Dalip Singh lived in Ludhiana when in 1952 he was inspired to write ‘Kithe Chaliye’. The song became an instant hit when released in 1961 and even to this day is regarded by some as a golden classic of the 60's era.

‘Kithe Chaliye’ was such an inspirational song that Funky Dholis travelled in 2011 to India to meet the living legend who amazingly at the age of 88 is still going strong. As well as still song writing he now also manages his own music academy in Amritsar.


0 #3 shahina 2012-02-15 01:24
Its a lovely song well done to the funky dholis group i have previewed all the tracks from itunes where can i purchase the CD from Majhboor is a great tune
who cares
+1 #2 who cares 2012-02-09 18:02
who cares if its ghost produced
+2 #1 GHOST PRODUCTION 2012-02-09 10:39
Sounds ok but its typical ghost production, generic tunes etc and typical india video..... 5/10

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