Culture Shock ft Lomaticc and Sunny Brown get Ex'd Up!

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Fresh from collaborating on remixes with some of biggest artists on the planet, Desi Hits!/Universal-signed trio Culture Shock step deservingly into the limelight with their own track, club banger Ex’d Up, watch Full Video!

Self-penned and produced, and featuring vocals from Lomaticc and Sunny Brown, Ex’d Up documents the bitter end of a relationship, layering razor-sharp lyrics over a heavy hip-hop mash-up beat. The bundle contains alternate versions of the track with hot verses from fellow Canadians, JD Era and Haley Small. Lyricist JD, who has recently been signed to hip-hop legend Raekwon’s label Ice H20, delivers witty metaphors and punch lines to tell the male side of the story. While 20-year-old singer-songwriter Haley represents for the ladies in her comeback verse on her version of the track.

The trio (consisting of Sunny Brown, Baba Khan and Lomaticc), have recently produced smash remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga (Born This Way), Nicole Scherzinger (Right There), Britney Spears (Til The World Ends) and Alesha Dixon (Every Little Part of Me). And with the Alesha Dixon remix almost clocking up a staggering million views on YouTube (the highest of all the remixes for that single), and Lady Gaga utilising the Culture Shock remix of Born This Way on her recent trip to India, Culture Shock’s production skills already have co-signs of the highest calibre.

The band have already conquered the US and Canadian markets with their unique blend of smooth R&B and Punjabi influence that bridges the gap between eastern and western culture; and now, in 2012, they look set to take the UK by storm.

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