Manik ft. Bikram Singh - Roots (Full Video)

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Check out the video to Bikram Singh and Manik's track Roots. Please show as much support as possible. It’s an experimental/educational and inspirational track.

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“Roots” tells the story of a Queens kid, born of first generation Indian parents…  growing up in New York City, and balancing the pressure to fit into the American culture with the teachings and influence of his parents and their cultural South Asian history.  It’s a song about paying respect to those who saved, scraped, and struggled to make a better life for the next generation.

“Roots” is an anthem for all those who have ever felt different.  Having your name mispronounced, your heritage questioned or discounted… or just feeling like you don’t belong.

Most of all, “Roots” is a positive statement to help us remember that we must never forget where we come from.



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