Manik ft. Bikram Singh - Roots (Listen Now)

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Check out this new track with Bikram Singh and Manik. Please show as much support as possible. It’s an experimental/educational and inspirational track.
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“The Deeper The Roots… The Stronger the Tree”

A simple statement that helps to affirm that it’s our differences and our heritage that make us who we are… and about embracing those differences, NOT hiding them. 

"Roots" is the international debut from the NYC born, South Asian lyricist Manik – featuring renowned international Punjabi singer/artist Bikram Singh.  

“Roots” tells the story of a Queens kid, born of first generation Indian parents…  growing up in New York City, and balancing the pressure to fit into the American culture with the teachings and influence of his parents and their cultural South Asian history.  It’s a song about paying respect to those who saved, scraped, and struggled to make a better life for the next generation.

“Roots” is an anthem for all those who have ever felt different.  Having your name mispronounced, your heritage questioned or discounted… or just feeling like you don’t belong.

Most of all, “Roots” is a positive statement to help us remember that we must never forget where we come from.

About Manik:

Manik also known as Pramanik was born and raised in Woodside, NY. He started his lyrical escapades when he was in high school, and made his appearance in St. John's University in 1999 and other various talent shows throughout the Tri-state area. A formidable singer/songwriter, Manik was one of the first South Asian rappers of his time to appear on any mixtape.He made his manifestation in the Asian community through DJ Sharad's first mixtape - "A Trip To Strong Island" in 2000 and "The 2003 Mixtape" with the debut promo single "Brownskinz Bouncin'". Afterwhich, he did countless shows and performances at various NYC lounges and nightclubs.

Manik put his rhymes at rest, as he ventured on a journey through medical school. But, his lyrical poetry was noticed among his medical peers during the local medical school talent shows, and he continued to pursue his passion in making hip hop fusion music with various producers. Upon completing and receiving his M.D., Manik became known as the M.D.M.C., as he started Medical Music - a company focused on producing music with medical mnemonic devices to be used by students for their board preparations and to facilitate their learning. In 2010, Manik got picked up by the renowned pathologist/professor Dr. John Barone, as he put his skills to the test for Medical Hip Hop.

Manik kept the organic feel of his non-medical music alive by introducing the Brownskinz Funk Unit - a live funk band which did shows throughout NYC from 2008 and onward. With live band shows, Manik was never "too big" to do random open mics throughout NYC, nor was he too inflated to appear as a feature on other artist's tracks. As an upcoming artist, Manik continues his ventures in music with one vision - one mission - to reach the world with his words rapping about things other than what's there in the mainstream.


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