Feature in Foji's New Video!

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Following Foji's versatile video concepts, with the retro 80's cult classic 'Dafa Hoja' and the youthful and vibrant 'Bruah', he is now ready to release a new single with yet another unique, trendsetting record breaking video!

For this video we are reaching out to the public & fans to be a part of Bhangra history! The video will be filmed on Saturday 5th March 2011 in central Birmingham. The location will be disclosed nearer to the date; to keep up to date and find out more information please join the Facebook groups 'FOJI' and 'B-loud'.

To be in this video, all you have to do is learn this relatively simple dance routine. It is open to everyone, young and old, all ethnics and backgrounds, professional dancers as well as have-a-go dancers.

The steps for the video are easy to learn and a easy to follow video has been created featuring Foji himself to let you and your friends follow along!


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