Mona Singh Musical Female Artist of the Year

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The Princess of Bhangra 'Mona Singh' receives award for Musical Female Artist of the Year.
The prestigious Awards Gala ceremony organised by popular North American magazine ANOKHI, took place on 4 February 2011 at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Canada. The event celebrated the contribution of the Global South Asian community within the fields of Entertainment, Fashion and Media.

During Mona' a acceptance speech, Mona stated, "Being a British born Asian, keeping Punjabi culture alive has always been of great importance to me.  To make your mark in a male dominated industry such as Bhangra is not easy and I am happy that I have made my stamp and shown the guys that a lady can also rock the industry".

Mona wowed the crowds with 2 great performances at the Gala event and the after party.



-1 #2 SANGEET 2011-02-24 16:36
she cannot sing it's because of daddy
the godfarther
try asking her to speak punjabi LOL
pop star
-1 #1 pop star 2011-02-23 08:21
When i saw her on Brit Asia 'Judge Mona'

every time: '' Your mum and dad ok with you doing this??''

'' i Love my dad hes the best... keeps on singing Phabiay ne Phabiay''


She cant Sing.. Do somthing about her Hair.

'Mona Singh Musical Female Artist of the Year' more like that was a set up for you've been framed! things ppl do for £250.00 lol

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