Desi Lava - Bhangra / Punjabi sample DVD

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2.5GB (DVD) of the highest quality samples of traditional Bhangra / Punjabi instruments. This sample DVD has it all ranging from every Indian instrument you can think of..

- Dhol
- Dholki
- Tabla
- Sarangi
- Flute
- Tadh
- Banjo
- Mandolin
- Algozey
- Vaja
& many more!!

Recorded by top quality musicians from India; this DVD also features the exclusive samples of the renown percussionist Rana Daana.

Each instrument is labeled categorically by name, tempo, key etc to make it easy as "drag and drop".

All samples are recorded in .wav format (24 Bit / 44.1 KHz) and is compatible with all music software including Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Acid, Reason, Sonar, Pro Tools and many more!

Arguably the best Bhangra / Punjabi sample DVD in the market today..

Remember all samples are copyright free, so producers & DJ's... what are you waiting for??.. Grab your copy today for ONLY £59.99 with FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE!!

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