Malkit Bulla - Sheesha (Out Soon)

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Malkit Bulla born 1974 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab started his musical career at Government College Hoshiarpur.  Going on to receive a vocal degree in BA, followed it with his solo album "Kar La Chalakiya" released on the Saga Record in 2004.

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Another mindblowing album released by Saga Record " Raba Na Vichore" which had 3 hit sad songs (Pyaar, Ek Kuri and Lotan Walieh) boosted up his popularity and fan numbers in 2004.

Now Malkit Bulla is back with his brand new album SHEESHA project by Sunny Manpuria, music Bunty Sahota, releasing on the Fock Time label.

Song : Sheesha
Album : Sheesha(The Mirror)
Artist: Malkit Bulla
Lyrics:Sunny Manpuria
Music: Bunty Sahota
Director: Raman Jaja
Label: Fock Time

Malkit Bulla is also working with a UK Producer his next project


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