Statement: Centersonic Sounds & VIP Records

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Gupsy Aujla & VIP Records are delighted to come to an agreement over the single ‘Sanu Ve’.

The single was given to both parties by the same vocalist (Jaswinder Daghamia) who sold on the vocal, knowing full well that another party already had the same vocal and would intend to release it in the future. After realising that both parties (Gupsy Aujla & VIP Records) were in possession of the identical vocal (lyrics & composition), a mutual agreement was put in place in order for both parties to minimize fall-out.

The official release of ‘Sanu Ve’ will be by MC Special; the single is out now on iTunes. (Click here for more information)

Gupsy Aujla will be feature a remix of the single on the forthcoming MC Special album, as an alternative version.

Gupsy Aujla & VIP Records would like to stress that neither party was aware of the conflicts prior to the single being released.

Vipen Kumar (VIP Records);

“VIP Records have a good relationship with Centersonic sounds and have in the past distributed some of their albums.
We are are pleased that we have come a mutually satisfactory agreement.
As we are in a very small industry it only makes sense for everyone to work together”

Centersonic Sounds;

“ Centresonic Sounds are pleased to have come to an amicable agreement with VIP Records regarding the single ‘Sanu Ve’.
We are keen to highlight that we were unaware of the disputed single when we originally planned to release the single.
We hope the fans enjoy both versions equally, and purchase them legally via iTunes”



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