Introducing Sharry Mann with 'Yaar Anmulle'

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YouTube has been a great platform for budding singers to showcase their talents.Sharry Mann has broken all previous records for an unsigned Punjabi singer on the internet.

Sharry Mann's new song 'Yaar Anmulle' is based on college life and reminiscing about the good times had with friends that we all have regardless of where we have grown up be it skipping classes, cruising with mates or pursuing girls. The song has been very popular in Punjab, Australia, US, Canada and UK. Within one week of the of the song video, which features pictures of Sharry Mann and his friends, being uploaded to YouTube it had reached 200,000 views which far exceeded any recent video released by a UK Bhangra artist for the same time frame and the current view count after one month was over 450,000.

Sharry, currently working as a civil engineer, also has another song to his name 'Kudiyan te Bussan' which was another hit with fans on the internet. He is planning to release his debut album in two months time

Yaar Anmulle has been written by Landran (Mohali) College student Babbu, he has been writing songs for the past four years but still only 20 years old and Yaar Anmulle is his first studio recorded song. Babbu regards Gurdas Mann as his favourite artist and is now also learning to sing and will release his album in the future. The music for the song has been provided by Nikk from Canada.

Words; Aman Uppal.

Check out the Youtube Video Below!

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parshav jain
0 #4 parshav jain 2011-12-22 11:37
he is the singer of crazy yaar anmulle
amit 45
+2 #3 amit 45 2010-10-12 16:43
sharry man is cool he is ossom
kuljit babbi
+3 #2 kuljit babbi 2010-10-01 07:59
god bless u brooo...keep it up.....nd writtn this type of lyrics......... .awesome work done by both of u.......
+3 #1 HIMMAT SINGH 2010-09-30 20:59
well done 22 g.... bhut att aa! :-)

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