D.B.I Competition - Winners Now Announced

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To mark the release of the brand new 'Absolut Bhangra Vol 4' album; Mix masters DHOL BEAT INTERNATIONAL have teamed up with to offer a once in a life time opportunity to all remix DJ's out there! (Click here for info on Absolut Bhangra 4)

With the voting process now complete, and amid some controversy, & Dhol Beat International have finally agreed upon a fair system which we will represent the winner(s) of this competition.

Two winners have been decided, one from the highest number of votes and secondly, a critics choice, made up of a panel of judges from both & DBI. This way we believe the competition not only remains true to the original element we devised, but also fair considering circumstances which were out of our control.

The winners are as follows below

Remix with highest public vote:

DJ ICE & Dhol Fresh - {audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/DJ ICE ft. Dholi Fresh -Punjabian De Dhol.mp3{/audio}


Critics Top Choice Remix:

Genuine Soundz - {audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Genuine Soundz Ft DBI Labh Janjua - Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol.mp3{/audio}

Both winners will be contacted shortly.

Final notes

On behalf of and Dhol Beat International - We'd like to thank all the DJ's who took part. We plan on uploading the remaining mixes that did not make the cut shortly, so these DJ's also recieve a promotional push.

We believe the aim of the competition was not to cause rivalry or hate, but to help underground talented remixers who struggle to get people to hear their music and we hope this competition has gone some way in helping those DJ's. Once again we'd like to thank everyone who took part.

On a seperate note it was sad to see the high number of comments which were filled with hate, the only way we can move forward is if we all come together and support each other in moving forward. Causing rivalry and friction is not going to help anyone, and we as a scene need to pull together so that we can not only improve ourselves, but take our scene forward.

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