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RDB Make History!


RDB have gone down in history for being the first British Asian band to be featured on the cover of Invincible Magazine.

Invincible Mag is one of the most followed and reputable magazines in the world reaching up to millions of readers worldwide. RDB were picked from many other names by C.E.O Jordan Kensington ‘‘RDB are the innovators, they are doing an excellent job to merge two massive industries. I selected the boys as they truly represent music, which has no language no barriers. This is history in the making.’’

The magazine has had some massive names on the cover ranging from Barack Obama to Kano and now RDB.

Invincible is  also behind the Urban Music Awards (UMA) which represents Urban music and have this year introduced a category for best British Asian Artist.

A behind the scenes documentary was also filmed where RDB were seen like never before talking about their likes, dislikes and about their work.