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XLNC & H.S Talwar are back!



THe biggest comeback in Bhangra History... After 10 years they have Re-United and reformed XLNC !
XLNC - H.S TALWAR are one of the "Live" bhangra bands in the UK that have been in the industry for 20 years and are still doing it "Live" Their live circuit shows allot of energy and a "in your face" moving and grooving performance.
XLNC - H.S TALWAR go "Live" with a full bhangra band, which consists of 8 talented professional musicians. Their Professional "Live" Band consists of musicians of a high calibre, sure to fulfil your highest expectations. Having done many weddings, parties, stage shows, gigs etc... XLNC - H.S TALWAR no how to do it "Live"
The new album will be out soon on the Moviebox Label
Expect The Unexpected...
XLNC - H.S Talwar Live Band are taking bookings for 2009 ! Now sounding getter than ever !