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Santokh Singh Rataurh aka Kaka Bhainiawala sadly passes away.

News has tragically broken that Santokh Singh Rataurh more commonly known as Kaka Bhainiawala sadly passed away at 12.00am (4:30 am India time) in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Press Release

LATE KAKA BHANIAWALA 05/04/71 to 12.04.2009

This press release was never envisaged to be something which would have to be released by Bazaar Records on behalf of the talented artist Kaka Bhaniawala, but with the most heartfelt regret we can confirm that Kaka Parji aged 38 years has sadly passed away at around 4.30 am India time on Sunday 12th April 2009 at the Ludhiana General Hospital. Time was taken in the release of this official document to establish the facts into this untimely death.

Kaka Parji died from complications with his liver as he was suffering from Jaundice.  Whilst undergoing a routine blood transfusion as part of his rehabilitation, he became infected and subsequently passed away. We urge Kaka’s fans and commentators to avoid speculation about his tragic death and instead ask that your thoughts and prayers focus on his family particularly his widow and three young children.

Kaka whose real name was Santokh Singh gained his nickname from his mother who speaks of his youthfulness and his childlike qualities, as he was a person who was constantly laughing and joking. These are but a few qualities that we his friends and family will sadly miss.

Kakas relation was not one of a artist and a record label but more of a brother, colleague and friend. Nothing can begin to describe the devastation of his death on all here at Bazaar Records.

Kakas contribution to the bhangra scene both in India and here in the UK is unquestionable with hits such as “Daru Pekee Pekee” "Shad Te Aashiqui" "Nachna Ondha Nai" Sahnevaal Chounk” and his recent hit “Jawani”.  Kaka recognised his talent and elevation of a bhangra superstar was attributed to first and foremost his fans, the bhangra industry family, the love of the all mighty, but above all else the support of his beloved family.

Kaka who was always based in Coventry when in the United Kingdom, described Coventry as his Pind away from his Pind. He spent many hard hours in the UK preparing for his long awaited forthcoming album “Note Varna” to be released. Due to this unforeseen tragedy this albums release is to be delayed as we are now preparing a tribute album and a series of shows with the help of all those in the Bhangra Industry starting with the first on Friday 15th May @ Pearl Suite Birmingham .

All profits from these events, proceeds and donations will be formally given to the family of Kaka Bhaniawala as our way of saying thank you for the time and memories you have left us all.

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Few words about him from artists across the industry.

"A talented brother with a voice like no other, very unique and hard to find. Just by hearing his vocals you were able to realise that the person singing is none other then Kaka Bhaniawala. Meeting and working with him have been the high points of my music career and will never be forgotten.

Words can never express the loss this bhangra industry has recieved.  Rest in peace and may god bless your soul.  Santokh Singh Rataurh also known by millions as Kaka Bhaniawala." Gurps Dj Phoenixx

' Santokh Singh Rataurh aka Kaka Bhainiawala will be sorely missed, he was a great vocalist, and definately a great performer.  Another hole left in the bhangra industry which will never be filled.   R.I.P Kaka..  Milan

I heard about the sad news this morning and dont know where to start to tell you how i feel about the loss of such a great artist. 

I personally did not get the chance to meet him but always wanted too, he was and will continue to be a massive inspiration to me and I'm sure to all the other musicians in the same field of music. 

Kaka Bhainawala was and will always be in my heart a phenomenal talented artist.   RIP Kaka Bhaniawala our deepest condolences to family and friends. Bob E

Kaka, the crew will miss you and your talent. i am very upset to hear this news today about kaka and my thoughts go out to his children and his family. my u now rest in peace. Regards - Desi Dark Child

It was only recently that we done a wedding in punjab together. After a long time I had seen him, he looked very ill, but was sorting his health problems. A great freind and big loss to the industry, Rest in peace and may god bless your soul, my deepest respects go out to his family and friends - Dj H (Hardeep Kataria)

I had the pleasure of working with kaka on my last album " Munda Tain Patya".  What amazed me, was his grasp on melodies and lyrics, He took my lyrics and melody and made it his own in minutes which made me understand that this was no ordinary singer.

His quality of vocal was unchallened his vocal range unbeleavable.

My heart sank when i heard the tragic news because he was a good person too. I feel that this is a loss to the world of punjabi music.  Condolences to all his family and friends R.I.P - Eky Surae

Kaka's passing is a great loss to the industry. He was one of the most difinitive voices of Bhangra music with a wealth of talent and many hits under his belt. He left us way before his time and we may never see an artist like him in our lifetime again. May God lay his soul down to rest in peace. - Mentor Beats


I was shocked when i heard about his death.....He was ill for the last few months ..... i m shocked, Rest in peace and may god bless your soul. - Tejwant Kittu

"It's a tragedy that we've lost another singer who was in his prime. Kaka was an amazing vocalist with raw power and pure talent. We should all remember how he lived and celebrate his life instead of mourning his death.."  Code Red

Punjabi nation has recently lost so many gifted talented artist, kaka is a very big loss to the community. God bless his soul.  He will always be missed and remembered as one of the best most talented punjabi singer who could reach all keys. He was one of the best singers to sing my song 'Dushmani' and others due out,,, a complete tragic. r.i.p - Bhindi Laltonwala

To say im shocked is an understatement.  Iv been replaying his tracks in my mind over and over again to remind myself of his amazing career.  It’s still not totally sunk in that Paaji Kaka Bhaniawala has really gone.
The first time I met Kaka was when I had the privilege and honour to be the first person to interview him during his first UK tour.  It’s one of my personal favourite and memorable interviews to date; i still talk about it today.  Not because there were any major revelations, its just the way Kaka was during the whole interview. 
I can picture the whole thing right now.  Sitting up straight, stiff with nerves, every single question answered at a deafening high pitch and volume, straight forward and straight to the point with every question I asked.  The poor guy was a bag of nerves but ultimately pulled it off.  Once we finished the interview he relaxed, asked me if he was ok in the interview and admitted it was one of the hardest things he’d ever done. 
From that moment, every time we happened to meet our mutual respect came through.  For me it was Kaka’s talent and genuineness.  For Kaka, he would always introduce me as the guy who interviewed him first and gave him the best interview he’s ever had to the people around him at the time.  His sincerity towards me is something I will forever cherish.
He came, he sang, he conquered….and now he’ll be singing forever up in the heavens.  His distinctive, cult following vocals will haunt our music minds for life.  Tracks like ‘Shadti Aashiqui’, ‘Jawani’, Dharu Peeke’, Chakle Soniya Yaara’, ‘Nachna Ohnda Ne’ will forever echo in the hearts and minds of ever Punjabi music fan.  Kaka Paaji, thank you for the anthems, thank you for the memories and thank you for being part of all our musical lives.  God bless you and see you again someday.  Rab Rakha. - Dipps Bhamrah


When I came to know that Kaka Bhaniawala left for his heavenly abode, I was shocked. I felt deeply sad and still don't believe that he is no more in this world. It is a great loss to Bhangra Industry. 

Kaka Bhaniawala made the name of his village famous by associating Bhaniawala with his nickname instead of his original name which was Santokh Singh Rathour. Thats his gratefulness.  His voice had so much impact, that the youngsters from the UK also liked his songs, which is a plus point. He had a style, and sang in a beautiful tone with variations and I personally believe that, his voice worked as a magnet that pulled the audience from all over the world, which is a great achievement. In a very short span of time, Kaka Bhaniawala won our hearts and in a very short span of his lifetime he left us all. 

Working with him was a great experience and I had a quality time too. He was a great person, "too good to be true", humble and kind. I think these words are still too less to describe his personality. We all will miss him and remember his voice within our hearts and through his rocking and rolling songs. I also had future plans to work with him, but unfortunately, its not happening. May God bless his soul and his family. - Surinder Sangha.

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Bee2, Taj E, Juggy D - Tribute to Kaka Bhaniwala.