Jaz Dhami teams up with award winning video director!

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 UK Asian Music Award winner Jaz Dhami is completing his next video for the brand new single “Theke Wali”.

Since winning the Best Newcomer award at this year’s UK AMA’s, Jaz has been keeping as busy as ever, putting the finishing touches to his debut album, expected for release this summer.

Fellow award winner and acclaimed video director Jazz Virk flew in especially from Canada to oversee the shoot. Virk has been recognised twice this year for directing Jazzy B’s “Rambo”, which picked up the Best Video award at the UK AMA’s and the PTC Punjabi Music Awards.

Virk says: “The video I made for Jaz Dhami has brought me back to Birmingham. I was raised here and I created my craftsmanship in Canada. This is my first time to ever produce a video in Birmingham or the Midlands and I am proud to be back. ‘Theke Wali’ is a fantastic video and it is very clear that Jaz Dhami is an extremely talented young man. He is an inspiration to work with and  his immense passion for music is shown through his emphatic work rate.  It is great to see young, fresh, talent bringing something exciting to the Asian Music scene”.

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Jaz Dhami’s fantastic new single “Theke Wali” – out soon!

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x Huss x
+1 #2 x Huss x 2009-07-29 19:45
JAZ UR AMAZIN,..ur a gr8 singa,bts wots wiv da girl in da video,she needs 2 learn hw 2 smile man!!!...da video wud hav been well beta wivowt her xx
+1 #1 sukh 2009-05-29 13:04
jaz when is the video cumin out....ive bin hearin mix fingss....monda y at 9 on brit asia.....i mean ur the only 1 dat knowss plzzz plzzz geh bk...u makin the gal suffa lolll

bad tunee thoo
xxxxxx :confused:

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