DNOAX - They See (Desi) Revolution

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DNOAX - They See (Desi) Revolution

Hip Hop is no more limited only to a particular Race, country or continent. It evolved into something universal. Listen to the much-awaited album by DNOAX (Desi Number One Artistes X) called They See (Desi) Revolution and experience a total new hip-hop genre.

The latest and one of the biggest Hip Hop groups in the world having more than 20 rappers in their crib under their record label Desi Media Networks. DNOAX has launched their Debut album titled " They See (Desi) Revolution” worldwide across all leading online and digital stores,

This group is creating a huge mayhem all over the world. They come with a total different meaning to Hip Hop, which is a mixture of Ancient Sounds along with some heavy hip-hop beats and some creative flowing. 

DNOAX was Initially formed Seven Years Back in the Indian Sub Continent by Snypah Killah a.k.a Varun in a small city called Madras or Chennai. What Initially Started as a group of 4 rappers has now grown into a number of more than 20 rappers from different cities all across India.

Releasing the fact that its important to lay a strong foundation so that the dream lives on, the enterprising duo Varun aka Snypah Killah & his partner Anurag Ghorpade aka Spunky founded a Hip-Hop label called Desi Media Networks (DMN). The duo decided on a Hip-Hop album that they’d fund themselves, featuring every one of these artistes, thereby satisfying the urge to educate the audience about universal Hip-Hop & make it more widely accepted in their Desi way.

The producer duo set out touring these cities, got together with their pals & planned out the album, which was, so far, just a distant dream for everyone involved, lest someone gave them a break, which Desi Media Networks did. They realized launching something like an out & out Hip-Hop album in a market dominated by a lot of thrash music & with an audience whose understanding of Hip-Hop was limited to Drugs, Cash, Cars, Clothes, Booze, Semi-clad women, Jewels etc., they had a big challenge before them. In a way, they also had to give the people what they wanted and that’s what DNOAX did. Their sound and flow are similar to a mixture of 50 cent, Mos Def and Talib Qweli, G-unit, Rishi Rish, Bombay Rockers. It looks something really different when an album comes with a lot of mixtures. The album features tracks ranging from Club Bangers to Conscious to Gangsta to Mushy etc

The artistes from different cities had just the kind of diversity that was needed to give the album that essence. From recording tracks on a tight schedule to shooting their very first music video, with each step they took, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel grow brighter. The underground version of their music video on youtube got more than 100,000 views in the first week. The album is available worldwide at the following places. Here are the links where you can preview and buy the album. 

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You can also Preview their underground release of their music video at this link.

Now having completed work on their much-awaited album, they are just waiting for the masses to experience the first true Desi Hip-Hop album, called They see (Desi) Revolution. They are also planning a sequel for the first album in the next few months. 

The rappers who form a part of Dnoax are as follows.

Snypah Killah a.ka. Varun (founder and partner of Desi Media Networks and DNOAX)

Spunky a.k.a Anuragh Ghorpade (Co founder and partner of Desi Media Networks and DNOAX)

Megh uh Watt a.ka. Megh from Hyderabad, Sreejith Nair, Pratik (IP – Invincible P)

Kaushik (Lil P), Hrishikesh (HT), Shashank Raju (TNUK – The New Urban Kid)

Binoy Nair, Vinay Acharya, Able, Abhishek (Ace), Amey (AP), Vamsi, N-Rage (Group of 3)

More rappers are expected to join the crew very soon

Honey G, Homicide, Mo Boucher

They came. They saw. They conquered. They (made you) see (the) Revolution. 

For any further information please contact:

Marius E. Gaybba

International Promotions and Marketing Manager

Desi Media Networks

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell 0027 72 8496285

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