Raja Wilco's Video Debut - Official Release of Gal Dil Di - Soni Pabla ft Raja Wilco

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We told you to get ready for the ride of a lifetime, as the Indian pioneer in Hip-Hop takes us all on a voyage through time and space & brings us back to the future - Raja Wilco - a name which is most familiar to our ears.

Having linked up with the Planet Recordz team in Canada, Raja Wilco has officially released his debut video which is also pays tribute to the Punjabi singer Soni Pabla who passed away in 2006. It is a re-fix of the original "Gal Dil Di" which was recorded by Soni several years ago. Soni was referred to as "the" next Punjabi sensation and was ready to take the music industry by storm. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and may his soul rest in peace.

Born in Punjab and after moving to Toronto, Canada, Soni Pabla learned under the teachings of Mahesh Malwani, which led him to his recording contract with Planet Recordz. In 2002, Soni released his debut album Heeray Heeray and then two years later, he teamed up with Sukshinder Shinda to create his second album Gal Dil De. The album Eternity (Naseebo) is a tribute to the late Soni Pabla which features some new songs that Soni has selected for his forthcoming album.

The team at Planet Recordz have created a tribute video based on Soni's song "Gal Dil Di" which has been re-produced by Kami K and features the lyrical MCing styles of rapper Raja Wilco who debuts in his first official video with an intense performance that matches the vocals of this amazing song. It has been directed by world renowned director and Toronto's own, Jazz Virk.

I ask that you please enjoy the beautiful video as we pay tribute to one of the best singers to grace the stage, Soni Pabla, and to welcome a Hip-Hop pioneer, Raja Wilco, in his own right.




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