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Toxification: 2021 Trailer

The trailer for Toxification, an award-winning feature-length documentary about the price paid by the farmers of Punjab for the food on our plates.

Toxification is a hard hitting documentary about the devastation caused by use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the green belt of Punjab in India.

Toxification: 2021 Trailer from Rehmat Rayatt on Vimeo.

It raises awareness about the alarming numbers of suicides within the farming community as well as their reliance on drugs to be able to work long hours. Highlighting the lack of proper education in the use of fertilizers and pesticides and lack of support from the government which is all to keen to support the corporate sector and big companies pushing chemical/conventional methods of farming, it is a must watch." - Alina Mirza, Associate Festival Director, UK Asian Film Festival

"Powerful and timely - needs a massive audience!" - Parmjit Singh, Kashi House

“Powerful, hard hitting, emotional. Punjabi harvests are celebrated the world over but the ugly truths of globalisation and mass production rear their heads in this documentary - their toxins infecting our earth, health, and the heart and soul of society. ” - Harkirat K Assi, Creative Director, Punjab Arts and Broadcaster

"This film is truly amazing", "Very emotional and eye-opening", "Absolutely brilliant", "Educational", "Very inspiring", "So moving...I'm still reeling from it", "Absolutely's vital that so many people see it", "Brought tears to my eyes" - Audience surveys

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