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Superwoman or Not!!


We teamed up with Dj Roxxi who is a young funky dj at just 22 and is South Africa’s first Indian female Club dj spinning everything from funky house, R&B, commercial and Bhangra! Roxxi’s versatility in music has created opportunities for her career that she never dreamed possible and in essence her talents are certainly gaining international interest with her formidable selection.
She will be writing for covering a variation of topics; music, events to day to day issues.  So here is her first article, do read and leave your thoughts.
Super woman

Women may hail from all parts of the world but I strongly believe that, despite being scattered all across the globe, most women are alike. We all have that nagging mom who wants us to get married to a respectable doctor, that insanely jealous cousin who always copies our wedding outfits and yes that stubborn streak when we have to defy our parents coupled with the need to rebel.

However that’s just us, the new breed of independent single determined career driven females we have evolved into. Times are changing and all around the world young females are realising it is ok to break away, so to speak and to pursue something that makes you happy and not what your parents want - even if they are helping you to pay your rent each month. However during our crusade on world domination and female liberation we have to slow down and take a look at how fast we are going.

Women seem to want it all. Great job, Mr. Right, perfect family and incredible hair! However the road to paradise perfection is often a bumpy one. Are we sacrificing too much to attain these goals and in the process stressing ourselves out? Ok time for a trip down memory lane.

You are in high school, pimple faced and starry eyed. You are dreaming of a challenging career, Mr. Right, perfect family and of course the sleek straight gorgeous hair.

Fast forward a few (ahem!) or more years later and analyze. How much of that dream has proved true? Lets see, you have Danny the 'entrepreneur' come 'rapper' come 'I’m finding myself'   who is more of a Mr. right now than Mr. Right. Fluffy the cat qualifies as a loving family right? Well with the heavenly invention of ceramic irons at least that prediction proved true.

So what if your life predictions didn’t turnout exactly how you planned it to be. The key point is that you have made small steps in that direction. Who’s to say that certain norms of society whether you’re in Cape Town in South Africa or Liverpool England, have to be met by a certain expiry date - in my Gran’s case - age 27 married to a doctor and baby number one on the way by 29!

We live in a society were we are constantly judged according to our status or lack of it in society. These would include the car we drive, the people we date, the job we have and the area in which we live. What it should really boil down to is happiness, our happiness that is. It is ours lives we are living after all!! So what if I take 2 years extra to complete my M.B.A?  I can honestly say I am completely happy with Danny the 'entrepreneur' come 'rapper' for now that is. Danny along with my quaint apartment, frizzy hair and Fluffy the cat all make me happy for now and yes it is really about what i want!

We need to take stock of our lives and prioritize.

Among our list of saving the world, pleasing every one of you 58 member family and trying to look supermodel gorgeous, we need to add a dash of happiness to balance the equation. If we race through our checklist of goals at supersonic speed trying to please everyone and out do ourselves, will we enjoy the ride let alone remember the journey in a few years time?

Maybe its time to lift our feet off the accelerator for a while and appreciate what we have attained thus far? Yes the road to success is a long and bumpy one and we will stumble and fall, but as we collect these cuts and bruises, they will be a reminder of where we have been and indeed where we are headed.

So this weekend ditch the mandatory family supper, tell Danny you wont be attending his 64th audition and grab a bunch of your girlfriends and go out for the weekend, after all you deserve some me time!! It’s your life so live it!