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Think back five years. After a long hard day dossing at school or college, we would all come home, put our feet up and switch on Zee Music. Anyone remember Zee Music Box? In its latter days it was infested with crap from TKM and constantly playing Khiza videos, however Zee Music provided a major out-let for UK Bhangra for the majority of the time it was on air. It gave UK Bhangra a platform to expose itself and made songs into anthems via its transmission across the UK and worldwide, although in fairness it also gave unwarranted attention to a lot of horrible music.

Now all we seem to see on Zee Music are shoddy Bollywood videos or adverts trying to sell us fitness machines. Were is the Bhangra gone? Over the past few years Zee Music has systematically gone about removing all traces of Bhangra from its channel, what was once the biggest form of promotion for UK Bhangra  is now a dry channel that serves no relevance to supporting the UK Asian Music scene.

There have been a few rumours to why Zee Music suddenly decided to stop promoting Bhangra; it’s hard to argue with the fact that many videos simply were not good enough to even be on TV. However not ALL Bhangra videos are of a poor quality, yet instead of introducing a system of quality control  Zee Music instead ‘banned’ 99% of Bhangra videos.

Rumours of Zee Music having an ‘anti-punjabi’ policy have been reinforced many a time over the past couple of years.

  • Notorious Jatt’s Medley video which featured Aish and Maarey Dil Vaaliyan De was cut short due to its being ‘too desi & folk’.
  • Kuldeep Manak’s video for ‘Ranjha Jogi’ was also rejected for the same reasons.

More interestingly;

  • Gupsy Aujlas video for ‘Pegg’ was rejected by Zee Music as it had ‘too many sardars’ in the video. Their words, not mine.

For the past couple of years Bhangra has been struggling to get itself shown on TV; unless you’re signed to Moviebox it was/is near enough impossible to get your video shown on an Asian music channel, until now that is.

BritAsia TV (SKY Channel 833) has filled the void that was left by Zee Music, and is now currently promoting UK Bhangra across TV sets up and down the UK. If you want to watch Bhangra then get yourself on to this channel. Although by no means a finished article, it is a start and something that was desperately needed by Bhangra.

With Bhangra getting so much exposure recently on mainstream television via Britains Got Talent (ITV), its quite shameful that until now, there has never been an Asian music channel dedicated to the UK Asian music scene. Who knows were Bhangra could have been now with some professionalism?



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0 #22 Guest 2009-06-05 20:23
there needs to be promotion of bhangra on the box now that youtube is having copyrights problems!
0 #21 rana 2008-11-25 20:29
brit asia is good for bhangra and punjabi culture, but is falling into politics, the show with bee2 is only promoting soundpipe, brit asia does play a lots repeats of shinda mainly, there are loads of vidz we have missed out on over the last 2 years, they shud get sum play,
brit asia needs to be fair and consistent and not bumlick certain artist
0 #20 gigman 2008-11-23 12:24
lol britasia are just as bad, I see this post in reference that they are the only ones promoting \'bhangra on the box\' with the latest videos, but if you see the channel it has loads of repeats, many videos from one label, \'moviebox\' it is just another channel that says will do loads and than does not deliver.

What is with the claim direct (only) ads on the channel?

Rumor is that they promise loads with pr if they get plugged on flyers, events etc but dont deliver, is this just another ploy to get people on board?

Recently they banned the latest Sarbjit Saab video as it was too over \'sexed rated\' for tv (maybe simplybhangra can get move info on this), so what makes them different from zee who banned other bhangra videos?

Raising the question - Is britasia delivering the bhangra videos that we carve for without making any restrictions or are they just another channel who is out to manipulate the artists and this is making a major impact as many of us dont get britasia and dont get to see the latest videos as artists dont release them elsewhere?
0 #19 supersingh verdictGuest 2008-11-23 12:03
lol havent been on the site for some time but some articles always make me laugh...firstly although the article is about zee-musis rejecting our bhangra industry, those mentioning the channel \"b4u\" are clearly losing the plot a little. Last time i checked b4u was an abbreviation for \"BOLLYWOOD for you\" and so complaining about the lack of bhangra shown on the channel is clearly ridiculous.

With regards to the zee-music, the channel is a business and like any other business will take the necessary steps to maximise profits and in this case it\'s viewers. If zee-music thinks bhangra will not boost revenue siginificantly enough anymore than thats fair enough. Why are people getting so worked up about it...just flick over to channel 833 and fulfilyiur bhangra needs!

P.S i have to agree with one of the other posts, this article sounds like an advertisement for brit asia TV...
0 #18 Guest 2008-09-10 00:46
Zee music sucks, same hindi crap ... at least we have b4u they do add some good stuff
0 #17 Guest 2008-06-19 21:55
zee music is gay anyways

same \"piya piya\" crap all day
0 #16 Guest 2008-06-05 12:16
zee suxs tutti

brit asian tv is bad plays bhangra music bruaahh

but not the gud onli plays some good dancefloor tracks from wt ive seen
0 #15 davs 2008-06-04 20:51
thanks to \'britasia\' tv crew who brought bhangra back onto the screen..
n who give a f*** about zee when we got our own channel...jus support it innehhhh
0 #14 Guest 2008-06-04 19:07
ok so ZEE music doesn\'t like sardars, I say that\'s racism.
0 #13 Avi-Jatt 2008-06-04 16:24
Yeah Zee Music screwed us BHANGRA FANS.
0 #12 Sukh 2008-06-04 14:38
I wish i was paid for writing this. :cheer:
0 #11 Guest 2008-06-04 14:37
OH man so true :lol: bhangra videos these days are stupid and dont profile what the song/lyrics is about .. have to agree with the article on a general note and bhangra is NOT given the credit it should be on TV and britasia are doing a good job so hey they should be credited!

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